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Lisburn Central Primary School & Nursery Unit

We are Primary 5


P5 enjoyed a fire safety talk. 

Happy Easter from P5!

We Celebrated World Book Day!

We are learning about Fractions of amounts in Maths. We used cubes and counters to help us work out the answers. 

Our WAU topic is World War Two, we painted pictures of the Blitz. 

In mental maths this week, we were practicing our x4 and x9 tables with our partners. 

We worked in pairs to match contractions during Literacy! 

We took part in a robotics work shop with Sentinus!

Ditch the Dark Day in P5!

Christmas fun day!

Merry Christmas from P5!

We used oil pastels to create Angels to decorate the hall for the Nativity.

Our WAU topic this term is ‘Travel and Transport’ we got into groups and made our own cars using materials that we gathered up from home! 

For mental maths this week, we got into pairs and made up multiplication sums on our whiteboards using dominoes! 

This week in Literacy we got into groups and wrote our own Haiku poems, we then took it in turns and read them out to the class!

Our topic in WAU this term is 'Travel and Transport'. We went on a class trip to the Transport museum and explored the old cars, buses and trains! 

We made parachutes this week with Miss Smith using a range of materials, we attached weights to them and tested them to see which materials made the best parachutes!

In Literacy this term we are learning how to write our own Poems. Mrs Cromie gave each group a Poem and we performed them for the class.

P5 collected litter from around our school grounds! It is Important to throw all your rubbish in the bins to keep our school clean and tidy. 

We wore 'Odd Socks' for Anti-Bullying week. 

We enjoyed making foil boats with Miss Smith! 

Happy Halloween from P5!!

P5 enjoyed telling assembly all about

our walking tour of Lisburn.

P5's WAU topic this term is 'Our Local Area'. We went on a walking tour of Lisburn and we enjoyed learning about our local area.