52-56 Hillsborough Road, Lisburn, BT28 1JJ

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Lisburn Central Primary School & Nursery Unit

Term 3 begins on Monday 12th April 2021.


School is open for all classes from Monday. Please remember healthy break money - £2 for the week.
Dinners as normal - please send the correct amount for the week in a sealed envelope on Monday morning.

The department of Education does not permit Breakfast club or after school clubs at present.


Staggered start and finish times:

              Start        End
Year 1 8:45am    1:45pm Main front door
Year 2 9:00am     2:00pm Main front door
Year 3 8:50 am    1:50pm Playground / back door
Year 4 9:00 am    3:00pm Playground / back door
Year 5 8:50am     2:50pm Playground / back door
Year 6 9:00am     3:00pm Playground / back door
Year 7 8:55am     2:55pm Playground / back door

Nursery 9:00 am  1:30pm Nursery entrance

Pupils will remain in their class bubbles at all times. Hand washing and hand sanitising routines will be established in all classes.


P7 Transfer Key Messages

The Education Authority have provided the following information for P7 transfer to post primary.

The post-primary application will be accessible at www.eani.org.uk/admissions

The application opening window is between 12 noon on Monday 1 March and 4pm on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

• It is the responsibility of parents to check that all relevant information is included on their child’s application before submitting the form.

• Digital assistance is available via the Admissions Helpdesk 028 9598 5595 in addition to the user guides on our website and the guidance leaflet ‘Applying for a Post-Primary School Place’.

• Using the Recite Me tool on the EA website, parents can translate information and access audio transcripts of admissions criteria and our guidance materials in a range of languages. Parents may watch a subtitled video in six different languages and access translated versions of the P7 leaflet.

• Parents can check if their child would be eligible for transport assistance to a particular school on the EA website.

• Parents have the right to express school preferences but no child can be guaranteed a place at any particular school. More than half of post-primary schools are oversubscribed and not all children who apply will receive a place at an oversubscribed school. To ensure the best chance of getting their child into a post-primary school of their choice, it is strongly recommended that at least four schools are listed in the order of preference and include at least one non-grammar school. Parents can list as many schools as they wish and in some areas where many of the schools are oversubscribed, it may be wise to list more than four schools. Up to 12 schools can be listed on the online application.

It is important that parents find out the following information about the schools they are considering. This will help them to assess if their child is likely to be offered a place:-

1. the admissions criteria sets out how the school will decide which children will be selected/not selected if the school is oversubscribed. Parents should think about how well their child meets the criteria. The admissions criteria for all schools can be found on the EA website. If parents have questions about what something in a particular school’s criteria means they can contact the school for clarification.

2. the number of applications the school received in previous years and the number of pupils who were accepted. This information is included with the school's criteria on the EA website to let parents know if the school is usually oversubscribed.


A ‘Post Primary Application Tutorial Video - Desktop View’ is now available providing a step-by-step guide to the online application and a mobile phone view will follow shortly. You can access the videos at:


All secondary transfer materials are accessible on the EA website https://www.eani.org.uk/parents/admissions/admissions-videos-and-guidance