Lisburn Central Primary School & Nursery Unit

52-56 Hillsborough Road, Lisburn, BT28 1JJ

028 92665527


Thank you for visiting our website. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to conduct our normal tours of the school. Instead we have put together a virtual tour to give you an insight into daily life at Lisburn Central.
P1 and Nursery Application

Staff 2020/21

Principal                               Mrs A Poots 

Vice-Principal                      Mr R Brown 

Head of FS/KS1                   Mrs W England (P3)

Nursery                                Miss M McCready

Primary 1HS                        Mrs N Hughes

Primary 2C                           Mrs J Carson

Primary 3E                           Mrs W England

Primary 4C                           Miss J Cleland
Primary 5RG                        Mrs J Rock/Mrs P Glenn

Primary 6S                          Miss H Speers

Primary 7CE                        Mrs C Cromie/Mrs L Edgar
Primary 7G                          Miss K Gordon

SENCO                                 Mrs J Anthony

Nursery Assistant               Mrs E Selhim

Classroom Assistants        Mrs T Topping,

                                              Mrs D Anderson,

                                              Mrs V Grainger,

                                              Miss B Smith

                                              Miss L Stewart

                                              Mr P Stewart

                                              Mrs H McCready

Executive Clerical Officer  Mrs J Bishop

Buildings Supervisor         Mr J Belch

Lunchtime Supervisor       Mrs M Fenning