Lisburn Central Primary School & Nursery Unit

52-56 Hillsborough Road, Lisburn, BT28 1JJ

028 92665527


'Learning and Achieving Together'

We hope our website will provide you with useful information and give you an insight into the excellent practice that is part of daily life in Lisburn Central Primary School and Nursery Unit.

Staff 2021/22

Principal                               Mrs A Poots 

Vice-Principal                      Mr R Brown 

Head of FS/KS1                   Mrs W England (P3)

Nursery                                Miss M McCready

Primary 1HS                        Mrs N Hughes

Primary 2C                           Mrs J Carson

Primary 3E                           Mrs W England

Primary 4C                           Miss J Cleland

Primary 5RG                        Mrs J Rock/Mrs P Glenn

Primary 6CM                          Mrs C Cromie / Mrs N Montgomery
Primary 7B                          Mr R Brown

SENCO                                 Mrs J Anthony

Nursery Assistant               Mrs E Selhim

Classroom Assistants        Mrs T Topping,

                                              Mrs D Anderson,

                                              Mrs V Grainger,

                                              Miss B Smith

                                              Miss L Stewart

                                              Mr P Stewart

                                              Mrs H McCready

Executive Clerical Officer  Mrs J Bishop

Buildings Supervisor         Mr J Belch

Lunchtime Supervisor       Mrs M Fenning